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Cancer: Wear It With Pride.
The Leaky Collection: Helping a Tribe Through Jewelry
Eco-Wear: Saving the World One Hot Outfit At a Time


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Cancer: Wear It With Pride.

It amazing to see how fast the month of October has gone by. In fact, its almost Halloween! Everyone is probably in the process of getting the perfect Halloween costumes and planning outrageous and scary parties. In the time that we have been caught up in the hype, we overlook something greater worth celebrating. For those who may not be aware, October is being celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I've been fortunate not lose anyone to the horrible disease, but it is still a heart breaking experience to hear the stories of those who have fought the strenuous battle and did not make it.

The Leaky Collection: Helping a Tribe Through Jewelry

Hi guys!
Welcome back to the blog. In my charm video of the day for October 24, 2011, It highlighted the Massai tribe in Africa who made jewelry which was sold through the Leakey Collection. The Leakey Collection is a wonderful initiative through which revenue from the jewelry made, helps to improve the tribe's living conditions. In my book, these are definitely charms by nature and truly for a great cause. Below is an article on the Leaky Collection to supplement thevideo

Eco-Wear: Saving the World One Hot Outfit At a Time

 Are you a fashion forward fashionista with style and flair that could last forever? If you do, that's wonderful! Unfortunately though, unlike your fashion sense, the earth doesn't seem like it will last that long. As each day comes and goes, we constantly see mass destruction of the earth's resources whether it is plastered on tv, the Internet or the newspapers. We also see this very destruction in front of our eyes through pollution on a daily basis.
In addition to this, these same resources are being sacrificed for our fashion sense whether its that chinchilla coat you have to have or those sexy crocodile skin pumps you saw in the store's display window.